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KidCrayola is a Haitian-Canadian artist from the Montreal music scene whose style is characterized by colorful productions and frenzied mixes.

A fervent advocate of self-acceptance and self-esteem, her message resonates more and more in the Quebec metropolis and marries perfectly to her nickname of Vibe Bender.

Little sister to Don Kamage, KidCrayola comes from a family for whom music is everything, and today her time has come to shape her own identity in Quebec’s artistic landscape. Navigating this new dimension has allowed her to collaborate with institutions such as Mural, the Phi center, as well as the Quebec Tourism Alliance.

KidCrayola uses music as a gathering vector to promote the beauty of diversity, and the pwer of blending cultures, minds, and people.

Every week, a dose of happiness

Every week, #MusicMonday is a dose of magic released, and a pure moment of weekly happiness. This playlist is updated every the first day of the week with the best of current trends, from HipHop to Amapiano.

#MusicMonday is a wide range of music of all genres. KidCrayola embraces her identity as a Black woman, and helps amplify lesser-known communities through her platform by collaborating with Black institutions like Bad Boys du Rire, Occupy the Hood, Moonshine and Black Abundance.